Domain expiration notices


When we register a domain name on behalf of a client, we always make the registration in the client's name. so you own your domain name.   

When it is time to renew (some domain names are renewed yearly and others every two years) Nominet or Open SRS will notify you, they will also contact us and because we host your website, we will then make the renewal on your behalf.  You don't need to do anything.

From time to time companies will contact you asking to renew your domain names on your behalf, they will register your domain name in their name, which means you lose ownership of your domain name, by now an important part of your marketing strategy, and subsequent renewals may be at inflated prices.  

If you are contacted by anyone other than us (Squarezone Ltd) or Nominet or Open SRS you can ignore the communication, if you are in any doubt please contact us by phone.

Owning your own domain name is important, because you are able to decide on your host and not have a third party make that decision.


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Accreditation mark March 2014

Accreditation Mark July 2016

Squarezone Ltd is an Accredited Channel Partner of Nominet, the UK domain names authority

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