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Your website will be ready to go within 24 hours of signing up!

You'll no doubt want to spend time planning the whole website and this will take time, but don't miss an opportunity to welcome a visitor.

These notes are to help you take full advantage of your website straight away.


Getting started

Your website will arrive with some simple text to show you font sizes for the main heading and body text.

Your website - ready and waiting!Firstly start with a heading that describes your business, etc, use H1 heading style for this. 

Describe your business

Or simply just welcome visitors to your website






Within a few minutes you will have a useful websiteUsing font style P, you might like to welcome your visitor and in a couple of sentences describe what your business offers.  You might like to mention that this is a new website and you will be adding more content over the next few weeks and urge them to visit again.

The most important information, now, is to give them your operating hours, how to contact you or visit you, use P again with bold in places for emphasis.

Save the page and then publish it (click the world icon - 3 icons to the right of the save icon).







The contact us form is already set up for you and will direct any emails to the email address you quoted on your sign-up form.

Go to the Members page select "Submit your pages to popular search engines", follow the instructions to introduce your website to the popular search engines - if time is short google is probably the most popular so submit your website to that one first. The spiders or robots will be checking your website regularly, they don't get bored or put off if the site isn't full of information, they'll be back a little while later checking on new material as you add it.

You can also start adding website address to letterhead, business cards, advertising and any directories - free and paid.

Future development

Now that your site is up and working for you, work can start on the full development of your website.  You can edit, add images, graphics, and new pages saving as you go along and only publishing whenever you complete a stage.

For more advice on building your website have a look at Building your website.


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